Hand Tooled Western Belts


Western Sundries is a company that has been in business thirty five years. We design all our belts which are made out of the best leather available. Most all of our belts are Hand Tooled.

Our belts are far superior in quality and workmanship than most belts you find anywhere. We also carry belts outside of our line that are warranted the same as our Western Sundries belts. We have strived all these years for quality and customer service.


We offer a work belt made of harness leather, which is our low end to a Hitched Horsehair which is our high end and everything in between. We also sell buckles, buckle sets of all sizes, purses and dog collars made of good leather.

Again our belts, Western Sundries are made of the best leather available which is a rarity for most belts are made overseas.

We replace or refund in full any and all purchases if due to manufacturing, no questions asked.

We truly appreciate your business and thank you very much.


Hank and Phrona Byars

Hank & Phrona Byars

Cell (361) 293-0011